These are things I want to accomplish and projects I’m working on:


Actually make YouTube videos a priority.


Become an aquanaut, or more realistically simply visit the Aquarius Reef Base.


Travel to Europe.


Travel to Japan.


Travel to South Korea.


Narrate a film/television show.


Produce videos about local underwater species in the Seattle area.


Go skydiving.


Learn to parasail/paramotor.


Get a GUE Tech 1 certification.

Progress: I have my GUE Fundamentals Recreational Pass as of April 2016, working on my Tech pass and then on to Tech 1!


Get my work in a substantial print publication.


Get a job after university graduation.

  • Complete! June 2014 – Received multiple job offers, accepted one as a manager/video producer at the University of Washington.
  • Part Two! July 2017 – Accepted an offer to become the first Digital Content Specialist for the Sumner School District.


Shoot for a broadcast television show.

  • Complete! May 2014 – Season on the Edge, NBC Sports and the World Fishing Network (possibly more).


Get my Rescue level scuba certification.

  • Complete! August 2014 – Friday Harbor Laboratories


Get my Scientific (AAUS) scuba certification.

  • Complete! August 2014 – Friday Harbor Laboratories


Become a volunteer scuba diver at either the Seattle Aquarium or Point Defiance Zoo.

  • Complete! My first official dive show was on the 22nd of February, 2015 at the Seattle Aquarium in the Underwater Dome tank. I now have dive shows every two weeks.


Spend a full day underwater (not at once of course).

  • Complete! I’ve done enough dives to easily cover this.

UPDATED GOAL: Spend a full week underwater.

  • Complete! Passed this up just in my dives at the Seattle Aquarium alone as of the end of 2017.


Voice act in some capacity.

Did a little bit of this on a short film for a friend.


Go on a scuba diving trip to a foreign country.

  • Complete! September 2016 – Great Barrier Reef, multiple sites

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