More Aerial Cherry Tree Photos

Cinematic Cherry Trees
An alternate, but in my opinion particularly spectacular, view of the UW Quad cherry trees.
Among the Blossoms
A shot of the cherry blossoms at the UW Quad from close to the trees.
The Blossoming Quad
A closer aerial view of the UW Quad cherry trees in bloom.

Here are the other three photos of the cherry trees at the University of Washington Quad that I posted on Twitter. Enjoy!

UW Quad Cherry Blossoms

UW Quad Cherry Blossoms
An aerial view of the UW Quad while the cherry trees are in full bloom.

Update: The response to this photo, as well as a few others that I’ll post soon, has been incredible! Thank you for all your lovely compliments. I’ve been honing my drone skills for nearly a year now, and it’s wonderful to see that my work is appreciated.