Spring Projects 2015


Here are two projects I’m working on this spring:

Tuts+ GoPro Course:

I’m working on a comprehensive course on GoPro cameras for Tuts+! While you wait for mine, check out all the other interesting lessons and courses they have on the site: http://tutsplus.com/

Live Stream Experiments:

With the recent popularity of Periscope and Meerkat, I’ve been exploring live streaming. Instead of either of those platforms, I have been playing around with Stre.am. It’s been lots of fun chatting with people about all sorts of tech and media production topics, and yesterday I did my first ever live drone stream. Yes, I streamed video live from a drone over the web. This is a big first for me, and is an exciting indicator of the developments to come in both of these technologies.

Here’s a screenshot from the stream:


The developers of Stre.am were pretty excited about this, and the footage might be used for something cool in the future!

More Aerial Cherry Tree Photos

Cinematic Cherry Trees
An alternate, but in my opinion particularly spectacular, view of the UW Quad cherry trees.
Among the Blossoms
A shot of the cherry blossoms at the UW Quad from close to the trees.
The Blossoming Quad
A closer aerial view of the UW Quad cherry trees in bloom.

Here are the other three photos of the cherry trees at the University of Washington Quad that I posted on Twitter. Enjoy!

UW Quad Cherry Blossoms

UW Quad Cherry Blossoms
An aerial view of the UW Quad while the cherry trees are in full bloom.

Update: The response to this photo, as well as a few others that I’ll post soon, has been incredible! Thank you for all your lovely compliments. I’ve been honing my drone skills for nearly a year now, and it’s wonderful to see that my work is appreciated.